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The thing that we get the biggest kick out of around here (other than a productive day in the shop) is seeing Crime Scene Choppers parts on customer bikes. It really doesn’t matter if the bike is built by a famous chopper god or by blue collar bob in the back yard. We like seeing the parts used by famous builders we admire, like Chica, Jeff at Sucker Punch, the Steves at Stevenson Cycles and all the others. We get a kick out of seeing our parts on TV on Build or Bust and who can forget the Tutels on American Chopper arguing about whether the Hard Ass solo seat was “big enough for Jorge Posoda’s ass”. (good one Paul)

But seeing parts on a home builder’s bike is something special. Guys like you and me need to scrape every penny together to afford to build a bike, and when a backyard builder chooses our parts to get the look they want it means a lot to us.

Check out these pictures: