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Recession Buster We’re now making kit versions of some of our parts available. Check the out in the KITS section of the store Mordor Exhaust Tip Kit 

License Plate Mount Kits

New Handlebar Switchbox

It’s time to re-do the orange ironhead. It’s something of a ritual here. While we were working on the bike I decided to make a nice, sanitary switchbox. I like having horn and light controls handy, but I HATE big klunky things on my handlebars. These are small and look good. Weld them on before chroming or you can bolt them on. Available with switches or bare so you can make up your own configuration. In the store Rapide Taillight We now have the Rapide taillight in stock in satin black powder coat with polished grill bars to match the headlight. It looks totally awesome!

Rapide Black Headlight We now have the Rapide headlight in stock in satin black powder coat with the edges of the grill bars polished!

New Kick Start Pedal Check out our new kick start pedal in the store We make these up from solid brass or solid aluminum on the CNC and hand polish the outside. These were a one-off for a friend and I made up some extras, limited to what we have already made up.

New Exhaust Flanges! We’re building a new bike, and while I was thinking about how to make the exhaust as nice as possible I had an idea for these smoothie exhaust flanges. Instead of a flat flange and a lump of weld how about a smooth, flared transition from the engine to the pipe? These are machined out of a solid block of steel, and have a really nice finish. If you’re into building your own stuff they can help you fab a spectacular set of pipes — especially when coupled with our exhaust tube step adapters Available now in the store

New Product! Hot off the presses (ok, hot off the mill), the new Chillin’ oil filter/cooler for kick start 4 speed bikes. Check it out in the store

Congratulations to Dar Holdsworth! Dar, of Brass Balls Bobbers fame, just came away from a military themed biker build-off with a first place trophy in tow. He built a solid bike with their traditional styling and high quality fabrication. The bike has the Indian-style Power Plus engine, which is a really sharp looking piece. He also used our Rapide air cleaner and head light on this bike (the air cleaner is on the left side, this being an Indian setup). Way to go man! Check out Dar’s site, he’s building a bike as a give-away with IronWorks magazine. You can even vote to use Crime Scene Choppers parts on the build. Cool Paint Treatment by Robert Pradke One of our customers, Ernesto from Las Vegas, sent some pictures of his bike recently. He had Robert Pradke do the paint work, and like everything else he does it totally rocks. Ernesto got one of the very first Rapide headlights, if not the very first. I love the paint treatment. Check out the picture of the bike from above, the artwork and the Crime Scene headlight and gas cap all work together to make a really nice style line.

Congratulations to Thunderbike! The AMD European Championship was held in Mainz Germany recently, and first place in the Freestyle class was awarded to Thunderbike, a German HD Dealer and custom bike builder. Their bike “Open Mind” is a clean, tight modern bike with vintage styling cues, spectacular custom paint work, brass accents and very nice lines. It also features our new Rapide air cleaner and tail light! Congratulations to Freddie and all the guys at Thunderbike!!

Custom painted Rapide air cleaner

Custom painted Rapide LED tail light

New T-Shirt and Beanie! Check out our new t-shirt. Artwork by “Tuck”, it shows our current build bike, they’re printed on top quality black t-shirts. It’s in the clothing section, along with our shop shirt and new beanie.

Rapide Air Cleaner now available! We have our new Rapide air cleaner available in polished brass and satin aluminum now. We’ll have an all-chrome version available in a few weeks. These air cleaners are designed to coordinate with the new headlight and tail light (perhaps obviously). They include all stainless hardware and two filter elements. See more here…

New Rapide Head Light Now Available We’ve been busy finishing off the details on our new headlights, and they are now ready. This is the latest in our line of “Rapide” parts, and I’m totally stoked with the results. Every lamp is hand finished and 100% made in the USA. Of course we have them in both show-chrome and the same satin aluminum and polished brass finish as our new tail lights. Check them out in the lighting section…

New Rapide Taillight Available! After literally months of work in designing, prototyping, pattern making, parts sourcing and experimenting we’re pleased to present the first product in our new “Rapide” line. The Rapide parts will all be available in two different finishes, your choice of either satin aluminum with a polished brass grill or full chrome plate. Take a look in the store for more details… New Tech Articles I’ve been uploading some tech articles on some shop projects we’ve done, the latest is a step-by-step article on Shaving Fork Legs… There are also articles on Cutting up a Gas Tank…, Adding a Small Speed Fin to a Fender… and Splitting Rockers…

Our New Website Wow, it’s been a ton of work, but we have our new website up and running! While it has the same look as the old site, we’ve greatly improved a number of things: New web store with the ability to page through products and narrow the products you’re looking at by the type of product or its finish. Each product shows related products for easy navigation. The products all have measurements.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sectionBuilt in shopping cart and check out system, no more going through paypalMore technical articles!! If you have problems with the new site, or questions about anything be sure and Contact Us New Mordor Exhaust Tips We were sitting around the shop a while back and I sketched out these new “pointy exhaust tips”, everyone seemed to think they were bitching, but at the same time, everybody sat a little further away… I showed them to Gabe at After Hours Choppers and he said they looked just right for a bike built in Mordor and the name stuck. At least two other people have spontaneously commented about how these look like something evil from “The Lord or the Rings”, so we’re happy to present the Mordor Exhaust Tips These babies are hand made in steel, high strength silver brazed, hand polished and chromed. They slip into standard 1.75" exhaust pipes, this is the most common size exhaust tube on a bike. A single stainless screw holds them in place from behind. Mordor Chrome Exhaust Tips. Uncompromisingly unique, $89 each plus shipping.