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 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) When will my order ship? What about returns? How can I get a hold of you? Contact Information You can email us at It might take a day or two for us to get the answer you are looking for. Shipping & Product Availability Orders are generally shipped the same week as placed, in the event of a delay in shipping you will be notified. Plan sets are shipped via UPS Ground in the US, all other US shippments are sent via UPS Ground. International orders are always sent via airmail, insured for the full purchase amount. If you ever have a question about your order status just drop us an email ! Return Policy Defective parts will be exchanged or repaired at our discretion. Returns are accepted within 30 days from date of initial purchase and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Do you ship internationally? Yes, we regularly ship overseas. We recommend shipping Postal Airmail for most international orders. It is generally the best value, and the shipping times are reasonable. International shipping via UPS is available to some locations, but not all. We do not currently ship via Federal Express. Laser Light Dimensions We’ve added the dimensions on the product page, this part is 4.75" in diameter, it should fit in place of any 4.5" lamp. The body is 3/8" thick, the same as the shoulder on a standard sealed beam lamp. The halogen lamps stick out perhaps another 1.75" from the back of the unit (much less than a sealed beam). Fork leg shaving service? We don’t do this as a service, we would recommend Weyland at Solutions Machining ( He does great work! I have your springer plans, how do I figure the leg length and trail for my application? OK, great question. First things first, what is the trail? Trail The trail is analogous to the caster on your car, is is a measure of the steering axis inclination and it determines your bikes tendency to have the steering favor “straight ahead”. If the trail is too long or too short then your steering will be too heavy or too light. Trail is measured as a horizontal distance from the point where the steering axis interects the ground to the point where the axle is directly above the ground. Project a line through your steering neck to the ground and make a mark. Now drop a line from your front wheel axle directly to the ground. Measure the distance between these two points, that is your trail. Note that the mark from the steering axis should be in front of your wheel axle or you’re going to be really unhappy… Common wisdom is to have the trail be in the range of 3" to 4". Adjusting the Trail There are a few different ways to “adjust” the trail on your bike. With conventional forks you can use “raked” triple trees. With a traditional springer the usual practice is to lengthen (or shorten) the rockers to put the wheel where you need it to be to get the right trail. It is possible to “rake” the trees on a springer, although this is uncommon. On our leaf spring fork it is set up as a “trailing link”, which means the wheel axle is behind the pivot. Set up in this way the design doesn’t like a lot of rake. If you’re putting a leafer on a bike with a lot of rake you may need to flip the rocker around and put the axle to the front to get your trail right. Fork Leg Length Ok, given that we know where the wheel needs to be to get the trail we need to ride this thing, how the heck to we figure out the length of the fork legs? You can get close using trig, just draw out the angles and lengths and calculate the hypotenuse. At the end of the day though, the best way we’ve found is to mock up the frame at ride height, mock the wheel and rocker where they need to be to get the right trail, and just directly measure for the length of the legs. Do you sell a Pre-Built Frame Jig? Sorry, we don’t sell pre-built frame jigs. There are a couple of reasons, cost, time to build, storage space for inventory… We also feel pretty strongly that if you want to build your own frame you should be able to build your own jig. Building a frame jig is no harder than building a frame, and a lot safer. No one crashed or died because their frame jig wasn’t up to snuff. Building your own frame is serious business, if you’re new to fabrication we would strongly recommend building the jig as a first exercise. The plans are available to download in the Tech Articles section. How can I get a catalog? We’re currently on old 2008 catalog. We will be printing more in in the future, we’ll make an announcement here when they are available. In the meantime, everything we sell if shown on the website.