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Reno, NV 89506

 Frame Fabrication Building The Frame The beginnings of this bike go back several years. Mark van der Kwaak has been helping with CAD design on some of our products, and I asked him to assemble a complete bike in CAD to show off some of our products. The CAD model came out great. No surprise there with Mark pushing the mouse. A while later Ron Covell was putting together a workshop on building frames. I offered to provide a set of plans, the neck and all of the brackets pre-cut. Long story short, Ron built the frame in a weekend class. I had a few pictures that I took at the workshop, but this one tells the story. We printed out full size plans, bent the tubing, cut, fit and welded until it looked like the drawings. We used my frame jig to hold the parts in alignment for tack welding (the plans are a free download) After gathering dust under my bandsaw for a year (a lot of dust, a lot of grinding, sanding, polishing and machining went on in the meantime!), we pulled it out and started mocking it up. We’ll take a look at the mocked up bike in the next update. We’ll have plans for the frame for sale soon. Content By Section Memento Mori Ironhead (2 items) Cadbike 34 Buildup (1 item) Fabrication & Welding (3 items) Free Plans (1 item) Ugly Ironhead Fixup (2 items) Metal Shaping (1 item) Kustom Kulture (1 item) Videos (3 items) Customer Bikes (0 items) View all content 

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